Предлагаем новый  метод приёма наличных денежных средств.

Depositing cash through the terminal
Demo flow
If monthly turnover
From 8kk RUB to 10kk RUB- 11%
10kk RUB-12kk RUB – 10,5%
12kk RUB-15kk RUB- 10%
- more than 30,000 terminals throughout the Russian Federation operating 24/7 (terminals Qiwi, Telepay, etc.)
- instant notifications to email/telegram/api
- USDT settlement
- Hold depends on the moment of receipt of cash in the operator
- No rolling
- Limits depends on the capacity of the banknotes of the terminal (usually from 1000-2500 banknotes capacity)

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High risk payment solution